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    Okay so I’m on a trip and was plugging away at Xtreme Sports on my 3DS (egad this game is long! 75 medals so far after HOW many hours?!) and decided to try my best to find an archive of Matt Bozon’s old site and some of the old Guppi art only to stumble across two references to a mysterious Flash game called “Guppi’s Beach Block” which may not have been publically released.

    http://s111111919.onlinehome.us/shantae/Profile.htm http://mattbozon.deviantart.com/art/Mermaid-Shooter-Gil-100792271

    So…you’re telling me there’s a mysterious game starring Guppi that I have no way of playing? THIS MUST BE RECTIFIED!!!!!!!



    …so yeah…and chance of this mystery game appearing publicly sometime? I mean it involves Guppi and Beaches so it’s already a 10 out of 10!



    From Matt Bozon:

    Yes, Guppi’s Beach Block is an actual game that was developed between
    other projects, but is currently unreleased. It was a variation of the
    classic “Sokoban”. The mermaid image was probably Gil (blue hair, a
    trident, and pink sea-shells), the star of Mermaid Shooter, a
    shockwave game that used to be hosted on numerous websites and was
    played millions of times over (though we posted it autonomously and
    didn’t put our names on it until many years later). If you find a
    playable version of Mermaid Shooter out there somewhere, please let us



    Oh I remember Mermaid Shooter. It LOOKS like this may be the safest version of it but I am having the darndest time getting it to run. Shockwave was not designed to be run on computers from Space Year 2015. Apparently you need to Shockwave Player FULL install and even then I am having difficulties. I keep getting Decompression XTRA issues.

    If anyone has a computer old enough to try and maybe a copy of Netscape Navigator:


    Seems like that site ISN’T a cesspit of questionable Flash ads.

    Still the point stands. If you happen to have Guppi’s Beach Block laying around it should TOTALLY be released on the basis of “The world needs more Guppi”. This is a truth fact.



    Yeah, I’d like to see Guppi’s Beach Block, too.

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