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    SO! I’m working on a video review of Xtreme Sports and decided to dig up an old picture for it. Spent the last few days scouring my harddrives and while I didn’t find the original file, I did find a slightly cropped copy I used as a reference for a picture I doodled.

    So waaay back a little before the first Shantae came out, I e-mailed Matt Bozon to ask if Guppi would make a guest appearance at all. He said no but that they thought about it and this was the design they were thinking of using:

    Now what’s ineresting is that the original file name was GuppiSnowDesign.gif and if you recall from the hidden scrapbook, Snowboarding was going to be one of the events (but got replaced by Street Luge). So likely this was gonna be her snowboarding design.

    Now to see if I can find a way to extract textures from The Sims 1 files. Found a bunch of old wallpapers I made of Guppi images on my oldest backup drive.

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