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    I’m one of the few people that have been trying to complete this boring game. I got the 3DS version so I got no multiplayer and instead got an BMO on the lower screen who doesn’t really says much.

    Anyway I’ve noticed that every time there are too many monsters on the screen the game really slows down and eventually crashes making me lose all my progress,treasures and tokens… This is really annoying since playing alone is really difficult and on top of that I have to do repeat the same floors lots of time. This happened to me on the Susan boss battle and also is happening again on floors 90-95. Sometimes on floors 94 for example the random generated dungeon gets too many generators/mobs on the same place and make the game crash. This has been preventing me from completing the game and those levels are really hard to be replaying them again and again.

    Could you please fix that crashing on the 3DS game? I know probably I’m the only one who stills plays this game on the 3DS (or at all), but it would be great if that was fixed…

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