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    Been a fan and supporter of Wayforward’s Shantae series of games for a while, and I finally got inspired to design my own fan character. Her name is Frosty Bites, Alpha and leader of a pack of Ice Werewolves that stalk Frostbite Island.

    Had a lot of help designing this girl, and I want to thank all my friends who pitched in their opinions, tips and advice.

    General Backstory Ideas:
    Haven’t got everything set in stone right now, but Frosty is the strongest and smartest of the werewolves in her pack and has been leading them for many years. She’s quite vicious to outsiders to her territory, and doesn’t hesitate to hunt other creatures and people for food. Frosty had made enemies including Shantae who has beaten many of her pack members, and the Techno Baron who Frosty has a deep hatred for due to building his factories in her territory (though there may be another secret reason for this hatred). As for Shantae, she sees the Half-Genie Hero was a nuisance so she antagonises her from time to time, setting her wolves against her and when all else fails, she herself fights her, but gets defeated.

    Despite this, Shantae could tell that Frosty is only doing this to protect her home and pack, so she doesn’t begrudge the wolfgal for these attacks and even tries to make peace, but Frosty is stubborn and turns down most of the genie’s attempts at friendship unless it’s a temporary team-up against the Techno Baron or even Risky Boots, but it’ll always end with Frosty telling Shantae to leave the island or get eaten. Frosty has on occasion tried hunting down Shantae to her home in Scuttle Town but the Desert heat is lethal to her pack and barely tolerable to herself thanks to her strength, so she always ends up a panting, sweating mess by the time she gets to Shantae requiring the hero to take pity on her and offer her a cold drink or ice cream before sending her back to Frostbite Island.

    Powers and Abilities:
    – Being an Ice Werewolf, Frosty can transform from humanoid to a large arctic wolf for increased speed.
    – Large sharp claws that can slice through solid ice.
    – Strong legs lets her jump higher than a normal human.
    – Can survive in below freezing temperatures, but is weakened by hot climates.
    – Being the Alpha of her pack affords her the ability to conjure ice magic.

    Other Fun Ideas:
    – Bolo (like with a lot of girls) finds her attractive, and Frosty likes to cruely tease him by giving him a kiss on the cheek that freezes him in a block of ice.
    – When overly excited or happy she sprouts her wolf form’s tail andstarts wagging it.
    – Likes to steal Rotty Tops’ leg for the bones.
    – Is very proud of her figure and gets defensive when someone points out how “Healthy” she looks compared to the rest of her pack who look like frozen gremlins or zombies.
    – Have considerd her having history with the Techno Baron, like she was originally a normal human woman who either worked for him or was kindapped by him and got involved in an experiment with the Ice Werrewolves which turned her into what she is today.

    Need to think more on her full profile, plus design her wolf form.

    Now I want to come clean about this, I wasn’t sure about the design for her at first in my head and I wanted to imitate the style seen in 1/2 genie hero. So for this piece I took a sprite frame from the Batgirl enemy, scaled it up to a larger size, traced an outline base to get the proportions and general pose in Photoshop, printed the base out on paper, traced it again in pencil so I could start making additions/changes to design the character. Go ahead, call me a filthy cheater/tracing scum, I deserve it.

    Original Sprite used:

    enter image description here



    its a very well made character i cant wait to see more done with her:D

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