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    It’s possible it has to do with windows 10 so please fix this issue and seems to only happen on mp/coop. Game needs a windows 10 update so I can again enjoying this game with a friend without it crashing every time we go to fight Skullmageddon for the first time. I have tried running the integrity check and everything is fine and I’m running past the system requirements and all my drivers including video drivers are up to date so it’s none of that at all so my guess is it’s windows 10.



    Btw it’s not just me i looked at the steam forums and a ton of other people are having similar problems and it seems to be windows 10 and online coop.



    Hello goro3d,

    We’re sorry you are having this issue. Unfortunately we made the original game, but the game was ported to Steam by Abstraction Games. If there is any issues with the ported version of the game, you will have to go to them or the publishers, Midnight City.

    Hope you get your issue fixed!



    so do I go to abstraction game or midnight?



    Midnight City is the publisher of the game, so any fix would have to go through them first. Hope that helps 😀

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