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    I was an early adopter of the DSi so I could play Mighty Flip Champs, so when an all new original Mighty game was announced to make it a series of original titles, I was pretty excited. Strangely though I never got around to diving into Mighty Milky Way until last week, but I’m glad I finally did. It’s exactly what I’d want in a second “Mighty” game, and stands proud alongside Flip Champs as the two best games for DSiWare.

    Gushing aside, I’m curious about what you think of Time Bomb mode, and if you’ve been able to beat it? I haven’t come across anyone who’s actually done it, so I’m making an effort to finish it. I’m currently at stage 3-6, and I’m taking a couple days off before I start playing again. Time Bomb is really strict, but it gets easier once you get through world 1.

    Personally I really like Time Bomb mode. It’s one of those crazy strict things that basically forces you to replay the stage countless times, but since you can reset the puzzle so quickly it has a nice flow to it. Even after you get hit by something you can just hit start and reset, rather than be forced to watch the death animation which is what most games would do. The process of resetting the stage is just long enough to let your brain reset, but not overly long where it makes you impatient or makes you dwell on the fact that you just messed up the puzzle. Since the retry process is just right, it’s really hard to stop playing once you’ve gotten into the rhythm, and I found myself playing several stages all in one go despite how long each stage took to actually beat.

    I haven’t finished it yet, but I plan on it. I’m kind of dreading world 4 though, as those were hard enough without the pressure of a nuke blast.



    It’s brutal, I haven’t beaten it yet but it did feel like it was getting easier.



    I finally beat Time Bomb Mode! Stage 3-8 was the hardest part of the game due to depending on a lucky final jump, but after that World 4 was really easy. You basically have to be perfect to beat those levels anyways, meaning you don’t have to do anything too crazy to meet the target times. Goes to show you how crazy world 4 is on your first time through the main quest, as they’re essentially Time Bomb levels plugged into the main game. : P

    Guess I can finally get around to finishing Mighty Switch Force. Should be a breeze compared to Time Bomb. Probably won’t buy Switch Force 2, but I’ll buy whatever original entry is next in the Mighty Series. I look forward to the Mighty Series announcements, so hopefully Wayforward hasn’t abandoned it. : )



    Actually, Mighty Switch Force 2 is not only a great game, but its very different from the first. The objective is the same, but the puzzles, firehose mechanic, and some enemies are completely new. It also adds ugly babies that you have the option to find and save on every level. I would still recommend that you get it.



    I felt like MSF2’s par times were a lot stricter too, not a bad thing at all. But yeah it really feels like a fresh game compared to the first one. My entirety of last summer was that game and that soundtrack, any time I pop it in it’s like “this is summer music.” If it weren’t for the mighty buster in MSF and MSFHD I’d say MSF2 is a lot more fun.
    I think I recall something about a break from Patty for the next Mighty game, I’m excited to see what it could be.

    is swimsuit Luna as awesome as the legends say?



    there’s a time bomb mode? oh geez… I haven’t even beaten normal mode still… I remember ragequitting so hard at the sun stage… (I think it was world 5?) ack lol ._.



    Haha, stage 5 is so hard. Cannot imagine what hard mode is like for this game. I am so close to beating this game, got kind of stuck on the last boss.

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