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    One beautiful Morning in KidsLand Connie and her sister Lucky were finding something to do…
    We then cut to Connie & Lucky’s Treehouse!
    Lucky:  While playing with dolls “Hi, sis, watcha wanna do?”
    Connie: Lays on the couch due to boredom.
    Connie: I don’t know lucky….. 
    Connie: I wonder what’s on tv today?
    Then they hear attacking from the outside!
    Lucky: What’s that noise?
    Connie: I don’t know but lets find out come on Luck let’s Roll!
    Lucky: Right behind ya!
    As the 2 Siblings go outside they notice a big Giant Robot in there way!
    Connie: Out of our way Metal head!>:(

    Lucky: And who are you supposed to be?

    ???: I’m Vixon! And that will not be happening Connie!

    Connie: How do you know our names?
    Vixon: Please i know all your names. Well i’m off got places to be stuff to destroy…. See Ya! Then he opens a portal to another dimension!
    Both: GET BACK HERE!>:(!!!! Then both Connie and Lucky chase after him!
    Vixon: Later Suckers! He said before he went in the portal. Then he left!
    Lucky: We gotta catch up to him.!
    Connie: Your right Sis We gotta catch up to him! What about Lanky?
    Lucky: Don’t Worry i stick a note on his door.
    In Lanky’s Room!
    Lanky: Is Playing Banjo Kazooie on his N64…
    Lanky: Alright i got the Wonderwing Die Enemies!
    Lucky: So we shouldn’t worry.
    Connie: That’s Good in that case let’s Go!
    Lucky: Gotcha! Let’s go! 1….
    Connie: 2….
    Both: THREEE!!!!
    Then both of the two sisters jump inside the portal…
    Both: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!:-O
    As two of the girls keep falling and spinning Lucky begins to feel sick!
    Lucky: Feels Nacuces Ugh.. Then she takes some Pills. That’s better.
    Both: They continue falling until
    THUMP! They Crashed!
    Lucky: Slowly opens her eyes Ugh… Then she blink her eyes what happ…. !!!!!!
    Lucky: Sis? Sis!
    Connie: Still Knockout from the fall!
    Lucky: Wake up Thinks…….. Ding! I got It!
    Lucky: Shen then smacks her tail at Connie Face!
    Connie:  Agh!!!! What who…!!!!!!!!!!!
    Connie: Luck where are we? Are we in SCUTTLE TOWN?!O.O
    Lucky: Yep it looks like where in Shantae’s World! She said in a calm tone.
    Both: This is Awsome!
    Connie: This where Shantae lives.
    Lucky: And Beat Riskey boots butt!
    Both: And Defeated the Pirate Master!
    Lucky: I Need her Autograph! Then she was pulled back by her Sister!
    Connie: We gotta find Vixon first remember?
    Lucky: Oh Right! I forgot.
    Connie: Don’t worry will find her. But first weve got a villain on our hands.
    Lucky: Uses her tail as a Metal detector. Both of the girls find vixon!
    While Vixion and his minions…..
    Kidnaps the Citizens
    Throws the Mayor in the Ocean in a Whale!
    Robs everything litterally including all of the food!
    Meanwhile in Uncle Mimic’s Lab!
    Shantae: Uh Uncle are you sure it is a good idea it looks kinda dangerous.

    Mimic: I’ll be fine Let’s Begin!
    Shantae: If you say so…. She then turns on the Switch and begins the Machine!
    Mimic: Uses thinking machine…. it works It!….. then gets zapped and then Machine Explodes! Huff Doesn’t Work!
    Shantae: Oh My Gosh! Uncle are you ok?
    Mimic: Yes Shantae i’m….
    Vixon: Hits Mimic really hard to a wall!!!! And then vixon attacks him! While his Minions steals his lab equipment!
    Vixon: Grabs her hair and throws her across the room.
    Shantae: Woosliy ugh….
    Lucky: Attacks vixon with her tail!
    Vixon: Ow! What the-
    Connie: Uses Emblem of fire to fire [No pun intended] at Vixon!
    Vixon: Agh! Both knocks them back with a single punch!
    Both: Ugh…
    Vixon: He then escapes with his Minions!
    Lucky: Boy what a fight.
    Connie: Yeah i’m surpried we survived that fight.
    Lucky: Sis look it’s Shantae!
    Connie: OMG! Then they both get closer to see she’s on the floor!

    Lucky: Spills Water on her face to wake her Up!
    Shantae: Ugh…. What happend?
    Lucky: You were Knockout cold!
    Connie: And we were waking you up.
    Shantae: That figures. Rubs her head… Anyway who are you two?
    Connie: I’m Connie and this is my sister Lucky!
    Lucky: Hi!☺
    Shantae: Hi Connie hello Lucky im….

    Both: Your Shantae!
    Shantae: That’s right.
    Connie We Really love your games!
    Lucky: MMMhmm!
    Shantae: Ah fans of my franchise i see.
    Both: Yep!
    Shantae: Anyhoo Who was that? She asked.
    Connie: That was Vixon and we are trying to find him.
    Lucky: Have you seen him?
    Shantae: Yup. He ran off destyoying my Uncle’s Lab and my Remembers Something!!!!
    Shantae: MY UNCLE! RUNS TO HER UNCLE!!!!
    Shantae: Uncle Wake up Pleese wake up. begins to tears up pleese Uncle Wake Up Pleese!
    Mimic: He Dosen’t respone!
    Shantae: NO IM TOO LATE! HE’S GONE! Begins to Cry!
    Connie: Hey Hey Hey. Don’t cry Shantae. It’ll be alright.
    Lucky: Yeah conforts her.
    Connie: Grabs her Woah Shantae Calm Down!
    Lucky: Yeah will save him we promise! She Said!
    Shantae: Tranforms back to normal! Your right you two i’m sorry it’s just that..
    Connie: We know Shantae we know.
    Lucky: Her Emblem rings then shows the thunder Queen through a Projection Screen! Hi Your Majasy
    Thunder Queen: Hello Lucky hi Connie
    Connie: Hiya!
    Thunder Queen: Omg! Are you Shantae i’m a real big fan of yours!
    Shantae: Thx! Hi your majasty she then bows!
    Thunder Queen: I herd the news about your Uncle Shantae! and the town.
    Shantae: Yeah i Wait What about the town?
    Then they go outside to see that Scuttle town is Complety Empty!
    Connie: Now we are really too late they took everything.
    Lucky: Well except the stick.
    Minon: Steals stick then runs off!
    Lucky: Nevermind.
    Thunder Queen: Connie lucky Shantae. Vixon is still out there somewhere you three need to find him before something bad happens. In order to revive Shantae’s Uncle Mimic you need to find the five of these Diamond Emblems 1. In the  Ocean 2. on Zombie island. 3. On Saliva Island.
    4. In a Volcano. and. 5. In a Ship if you find these crystals before Vixion does Mimic will be alive!
    Thunder Queen:  I’m counting on you three i believe in you bye! Then the call ends.
    Connie: Alright find the Emblems save mimic save the Day! let’s go.
    Lucky: But we dont have a boat. Connie: Oh right.
    Shantae: Risky boots has a boat she is by the docs i know where she is…
    Both: Alright!
    Shantae: Let’s Ret-to-Go and save my Uncle!
    Both: Yeah let’s go! Then our 3 heroes runs to the Docs! And so the Adventure begins!
    Will they find Vixon and Save the day?
    Find Out Next time on
    Connie, Lucky, & Shantae: A Quest to save Uncle Mimic!
    End of Part 1!

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