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    Hello there.
    My name is Rafael, and I am looking for an answer to something that has been bugging me.
    I am one of the many backers of Shantae Half-Genie Hero. I had pledged $200. With that, I would get the game, soundtrack, digital and physical. artbook. all of the game’s DLC(free to backers) and some backer exclusive costumes and transformations. My question is: Where are the backer costumes and hyperlight drifter stuff? On my pledges page, all it shows is the tinkerbat transformation DLC. Are the others part of that download code? or is it separate? iI it is, why doesn’t it show on my pledge page?

    Apologies if this post reads mean. I have trouble writing nice posts.
    Looking forward to hearing back.



    They haven’t released the other costumes yet.

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