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    I am hesitant to buy them due to their price ($8 a pop), and the apparent simplicity of them. At one point I was quite interested in MMW… until I found out it was all controlled with the touchscreen. I don’t want to be negative, I just want to know why should I get them, or save me the $16 (without overinflating on either side).

    Thanks in advance.



    I didn’t like MMW that much. I think outside for getting some starting money in Shantae Risky’s Revenge (DS version only, duh), I can’t recommend MMW.

    Now, Mighty Flip Champs is a fun puzzle game. It gets a little hard at some point. The only I hated was how they introduce something in the final stage. If you like the Mighty Switch Force series, this game is fun.



    I know this was posted a while ago, but here goes.

    I honestly like Milky Way a lot more than Flip Champs. The initial playthrough is tough, but they’re gravity based puzzles and the blowing up planets concept is neat. Upon beating the game you have the option of going through the game on a harder timed mode which I prefer to Flip Champs where the rankings are there the whole game — if you can’t quite figure out how to do a stage optimally (on later levels) that lack of S rank really gets you down. In Mighty Milky Way you at least know there’s no way you’ll ever complete it (joking of course, but it really is brutally, brutally hard). Aesthetically and in terms of audio Milky Way is also a bit above Flip Champs.

    if you like hard puzzle games I’d go for them, but if they’re not really your thing I might pass. just weigh touchscreen vs. buttons, they’re both pretty great.

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