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    Shantae lock on the left screen in the level of the slope.

    Framerate not have limit. I use 120hz screen and the game is really speed. XD



    I’m curious to know what you’re using to display your controller on the screen. Is it an OBS plugin, or some web page you found/made?



    I already have OBS, it was the on screen controller I was interested in.




    Ouch… That truly is an issue. I remember old games that were designed with certain specs in mind for PC and they didn’t have FPS limiter or any sort like Daikatana.
    It might also be a bug caused by your system as well. So do let the WF know what kind of setting you’re using.



    In the little water part of the desert level right after the first push block with the little island in the middle of two stone pillars, I noticed a piece of grass in the background between the two palm trees that seems to be floating. I’m sorry I can’t provide a screenshot as I have no idea how to with my current resources. But you can see this graphical error by positioning normal Shantae on the right side of the small island and swimming to the left and right between it and that pillar. Watch the grass in the background, you will see there is a patch not connected to the ground.

    …Yay! My first bug report! Um…. if someone that can upload screenshots is able to get one, it would be appreciated. ^^; That or a dev could just look at the area mentioned.

    (I reported my previous post because it was small and irreverent and I wanted it removed in favor of this one)



    Thank you all for your bug reports. They will be reported to the team and if we need further help we’ll contact you here 😀



    Alrighty, new demo is out and there is already a problem. The game works with double speed.

    RAM = 16 Gigs 16000mhz of RAM
    CPU = AMD FX-8320E 3.2, 8 core processor.
    GPU = GTX 660



    I’ll forward this to the team! Thanks Basty!



    I recorded a vid of the new level. One thing I found out is in front of smoke (and probably some other effects) Shantae has an outline around her.



    @Sorsha-WF No, thank you for being vigilante about these problems.
    Your work means a world to us beta testers. ^w^



    Here are the issues I’ve found with the new demo:

    • In the first level, I’ve found that some animations (specifically, the spinning trident above the mermaids, and the smoke puff when Shantae turns into a monkey) are missing nine times out of ten. I don’t know if it’s only the memory of my PC, but I’ve got quite a powerful machine so I don’t think it is, and beside, it didn’t happen in the first build.

    • As some have pointed out elsewhere, the first sand pit in the second level seems glitched and nearly impossible to get out of, and the others need an insane amount of button mashing to escape. It was much better in the first build.

    • Also, in the second level in the water, there’s a glitch with the spawning cyclop fishes: when you make one spawn, then move back and forth again quickly, another one spawns and they keep piling up this way if you insist.

    • As others have pointed out already too, in the fourth level there’s an outline around the sprites when they walk in front of smoke.

    • Finally, it’s a tad difficult to point out where the cannonballs are going to fall; I know it’s meant to replicate how the first game worked, but just as it was then it’s what I call artificial difficulty in video games. Putting a shadow where the cannonball will fall to allow the player to pull back in time would be welcome.

    On the positive side of things, the third level seemed much more smooth to navigate than the first time around; maybe it’s only me who got better but I think Shantae is easier to control. I’ve noticed the new placements for mermaids in the first level which make it more difficult, and that’s welcome. Also, Shantae being able to fall faster in the water as the crab when pushing the down key is a good gameplay thing. It seems to me that the spawn rate of hearts has been decreased a bit, I don’t know yet if it’s a good or a bad thing.

    The new level is fun and a good callback to the first game for veterans like me. A tad more urgency might be welcome, in the current version it just feels like Shantae having a stroll while Risky demolishes a random tower every once in a while. Fleeing people like in The Pirate’s Curse, more burning or damaged stuff and smoke could do the trick (I suppose it’s already planned anyway).

    Keep up the good work!



    Somethings about the new demo:

    On the slide level, I thought Shantae’s movement felt a teeny bit slow. I’m not sure if this was intentional, but there were some barrel jumps that I’d though I’d make but still hit me.

    The hit detection on the Centipedes on the second level was kind of weird too. Sometimes I’d be striking the body, and it would sometimes count as if I struck the eye still.

    I also mentioned my concerns about the lack of button mapping in the other thread, but essentially it would be nice if I could be able to remap what the buttons did (I use a Mayflash Wii U to PC adapter so B/A & Y/X positions are swapped), as some people might want to use the shoulder button for transformation.



    Hey Mikemichaelmic and Basty,

    Have either of you disabled vsync in your Nvidia or Catalyst Control Panel? Can you try the following –

    1) Enter NVidia Control Panel
    2) In the tree on the left, open 3D Settings, Manage 3D Settings
    3) In the Global Settings tab on the right, scroll to the feature “Vertical sync”

    If Vertical Sync is set to Off, I suspect the issue occurs as described. But if either of you set the “Use the 3D application setting”, does the game run correctly?

    Is there any chance at all that you’ve forced vsync off inadvertently under either Global Settings or Program Settings? The behavior you both have described sounds exactly like what should happen if the driver has been configured to ignore vsync requests from the game.

    The above is of course a bit different if you’re on an AMD gpu. I don’t have a system with catalyst handy, but it should have a very similar setting.



    @pryer-wf Hmm… Hard to tell, dunno if I’ve just adapted to game speed already but I’m pretty certain it’s still faster than it was before the previous beta.
    I’m gonna record a video later on today or tomorrow so you can judge yourself if I’m correct.

    Oh btw, there’s small visual problems in the outlines when Shantae’s sprite faces against Pirate ship and fire.

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