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    Playing through Normal Mode with the blue costume in the Wii U version right now, and every time the game goes to a loading screen, low pitched background noises repeat continuously until they are replaced by a different sound of a similar nature. I first noticed this after leaving the art gallery, but the most noticeable instance was right after the conveyor belt scene in the mermaid falls level, where the sound played all the way through the boss fight and scene afterward, until I got back to Uncle Mimic’s workshop. It’s not terrible, but the first time I heard it it made me worry that something more serious was going bad.



    Okay, I’ve got an update on that sound bug I noticed: It doesn’t happen consistently every time I run the game. So it may be difficult to pin down how it’s triggered, specifically. Anyway, otherwise I’m having fun playing the game through again with the blue costume and the other backer exclusives. Oh, and I like Friends to the End Mode, but would it have killed you to give them a few more hearts? I feel like having fewer hearts makes the mode less enjoyable for me because I get killed too quickly, too often, and end up repeating parts of the levels or backtracking to 1-1 simply to restock magic, hearts, and gems to try to make advancing through the next stage possible. Boss battles are especially annoying if you enter low on heart or magic for Rottytops. Either add more hearts or make Rottytops’ magic cost less, please.



    Hey guys! We appreciate people keeping this forum post updated with bugs, but please be sure to send you info over to our support@wayforward.com crew as well. They can forward your questions, comments and concerns to the right SHGH team members and from there you can work with us to fix the issues 🙂

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