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    I’m pretty lazy when it comes to drawing but once in a while I happen to get in to a mood and since we have page dedicated for fanart, oh what the heck. I’ll just show ’em for your viewing pleasure as well. :3

    Also sure, feel free to criticize the heck out of my art if you feel like it. I’m always open for constructive critism.

    enter image description here

    Looks like she’s has a wicked idea.

    *******Image removed due to content*******

    Yup, this is just the perfect way to demonstrate how lazy I am with shading and coloring my art. XD

    She however doesn’t seem to care. She’s just relaxing at the imaginary beach taking sun and enjoying the breeze. 🙂

    enter image description here

    I blame Alestorm’s Wenches and Mead for this. 😀

    I really should ink and color my art more. :p



    @basty Your second image has been removed due to content. Our site is open to all ages and our game is rated E10+, please keep this in mind when posting art. Thank you!



    Ah alright, my bad.

    Didn’t expect it to cause any problems for it didn’t show any strategic bits of female body but you’re the boss.

    I’ll try to be more careful in the future have better judgement over what I present here. Thank you for the warning.



    Cool Sketches, thanks for sharing 🙂 I like how Risky fights as she drinks lol.
    I’m actually horrible at sketching so maybe I’ll get some motivation to pick up the good ol pen & paper again XD


    Nice sketches.

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