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    Ahoi there,

    I have been a backer back in the day, but unfortunately I didn’t get around to play the game yet 😀 I contributed up to the 60$ Tier to get all the costumes AND bought the Switch edition for the physical extras – and because I wanted to support WayForward.

    Back to topic: Now with Shantae 5 around the corner I finally wanna play the game. Now that most backer-exclusive extras have been unlocked for everybody, I wanted to know if there is still a difference between my PC-Backer-version and my Switch version?

    Also, which system would you recommend for a first-time experience? I know the PC-version (probably) supports better specs and has achievements, but the Switch has HD-Rumble (and my PC-Controller doesn’t support rumble at all, I think).

    Thanks in advance!



    As far as I know of, there shouldn’t be any difference.
    Half genie hero ain’t really a powerhog so graphically they should be the same unless you’re trying to pull 4k graphics.

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