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    Title mostly says it all, but I would really appreciate playing this game legally again.
    The copy I bought way back when it first came out had a game breaking glitch where after a boss it would never load back to the character, and by the time I got to that point the game was impossible to find. Customer support was useless, it wasn’t Wayforward, which from my experance is awesome with customers, but the other companies, which I don’t even remember who it was anymore.

    Anyway, now that the Wii U has GBA Virtual console support, would it be possible to try and get the game on the console if there was enough demand for it?
    Was Shantae on the 3ds’ virtual console successful enough to even bother trying to contact the license holder and get them to attempt getting it up?

    I’m just wondering if this gem which I remember winning awards would be possible or even considered for the service.



    A Steam ver would also be pretty sweet, if it’s even possible :3



    One of my favorite games, if it was not obvious. I would definitely buy it on the VC. If it came to steam, I would probably gift it to all my friends, too.



    I’ve always wanted to give this game a shot. I really hope it does come to the eshop. They’ve already begun the groundwork to get lesser known titles out like Klonoa and Mr. Driller, so I actually think there’s a good chance.



    I would give it a look on the eshop, GBA games play great on the gampad



    I could imagine a spiritual successor being announced, then hyping it up by putting the original game in VC. That would be pretty sweet if done right.



    I’d like to see this game on both the Steam and 3DS market place myself.



    Yes! The Krill Empire shall rise again! (Pretty please)



    Unfortunately I doubt we’ll hear from the series again, I’m sure I’m not the only one that contacts WayForward directly about it, but there’s no plans, the game didn’t do nearly as well as other titles, they don’t currently own the rights, and it’s quite a lot of work for something with such a small fanbase around it. Don’t get me wrong, I love SSS a lot, but with all the other successful titles they work on, I’m not even sure if SSS will cross their minds.

    Not to mention bringing it back for a sequal or remake may require it to be re-worked to fit today’s audience, as the fanbase can’t raise enough money on its own.

    I’ll sit happy with being lucky enough I got a cartridge of it in perfect condition, and if someday something more comes of it, you can be **** sure I’ll jump all over it, but I’m not going to get my hopes up anytime soon.



    Want it on Steam 🙁

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