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    Something that I thought about for awhile now. I know that there may be one or a few gamers who was aware that the original NES game got a sequel. Although, it didn’t sell well due to the rise of the Super Nintendo console), it did get made for the gameboy as well. I was thinking. Since the first Ducktales remastered sold well, is there a chance we could see a remastered sequel based off of the second game? I know that there are so many things that could be explored with in the sequel. I know that there is one level in the sequel that is taken place in the Bermuda triangle.

    They could have Scrooge getting some help from Donald with the navy(if you watched the show, Donald was in the navy and it showed in some of the episodes of Ducktales). While setting sale for the triangle, some of the navy crew members(along with Donald) are captured by the pirate ghosts. And Scrooge has to save them and obtain the Mermaid’s teardrop. I know that Wayforward has a few things on their plate, but I’d like to see Wayforward tackle Ducktales again with Disney.



    Hey I know that game too. Mostly the same game mechanics but with a little extra,like say,the boost key items,and new locations too. I loved it to bits as well as the original. I had to make do with a Japanese copy though,was hard to find an English version of the game.



    That all depends on Capcom and Disney unfortunately.
    Wayforward themselves have mentioned that they would love to do it but it is not up to them since it is not their license.

    The same applies to Double Dragon, Contra and so on and so forth. They only get to do it if they get hired to do it when it’s not about their license.

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