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    Are any of the sprites in the beta “tweened”? I know WF has said in previous interviews that they don’t use tweening tools, but some of the distortion and movement on the sprites make it look like they’ve been tweened.

    It’s either that, or the animation artists have an insane attention to detail.



    I think it’s possible Live2D tech is being used. It is a structure way to do 2d character with a 3d base.



    After looking at the sprites really closely, I can say they are using tweens, cut out, hand drawn, 3D, etc… Basically they’re using numerous animation tools and techniques. Anything they have available to make the game look as best they can. Personally, I’m really glad they went that route since Shantae HGH has a more cartoonish design. It works very well with the art assets they created.



    Anyone that has actually tried to animate something detailed should know that producing a lot of animation frames takes a stupendous amount of time, and that making these animations smooth just about forces animation tricks to keep the amount of work from getting completely out of hand.

    So really, there’s no shame in tweening, especially not when the animations are obviously very good and the end result likewise excellent.



    The animations were most likely made with Spine since Jesse Lopez the lead animator on half genie hero praised some horrible looking animation made with the software on one of his blogs and a job listing by WayForward also mentions it. I don’t believe it was ever mentioned that they planned on using it in interviews during the Kickstarter campaign though.

    Personally I’m pretty disappointed to see that Wayforward have shunned traditional hand drawn animation in favour of 2d skeletal animation and tweening. At a glance animations made using the technique might look fluid but they are so flat and filled problems like body parts overlapping unnaturally and that sort of thing.



    the animations for the most part look fine, and i think the only animation that really had noticeable “tweening” was her bobbing up and down idle animation, which overdid it.



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