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    Richard D. Townley

    Is there a chance that Alien Infestation will get a PC/Console port? My friends and I like to play Wayforward games (Shantae in particular) on the Wii U and we love the Alien franchise and Metroid games. So we figure that we’ll love this game to death, and we really would like to play Alien Infestation on the tv taking turns sitting on the couch and not a mobile style on DS.

    I love Wayforward, they’re one of my favorite video game companies, and I’d really rather not Emulate the game. Buying a VC of it for the Wii U or Switch would be ideal.

    Has anyone heard anything about this going to happen? Or is this game going to be lost to time?



    The IP for Alien Infestation is owned by Sega. They would be the ones to contact about ports!

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