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    I noticed a few others posting their own let’s play series in here when I was looking for information on if I would even have permission to do a let’s play series on Shantae. I’ve always loved the games and I only realized the release date of Half-Genie Hero the week before it was out and had the sudden need to make a let’s play marathon celebrating one of my favorite game series. I found the written statement of let’s plays and immediately took off with it. As of today the “last” video of the series was uploaded and since I saw others sharing I thought I’d share my own experience. I say last video but I am now going to be working on a review video of the 3 games I played over the next little while but I am done the let’s play portion. I loved replaying the games, and definitely loved playing the new one for the first time.I played everything but the first game as I do not actually own a copy of the original Shantae and I definitely don’t own a way to record it. If I was wrong in posting this here I apologize for doing so, I only want to share my adoration of this series. I am a new youtuber but I am dripping with enthusiasm with replaying the old games and then playing Half-Genie for the first time for you. The series is also fairly long (as should kind of be expected) I 100% pirates curse and half-genie hero. After this I am also planning to be speedrunning Half-Genie hero with a friend and if it’s wanted I could post the world record run from one of us when it’s declared official (it’ll most likely be my friend as I’m several weeks behind him on this, I will be streaming my attempts on twitch under the name rufeleck if anyone cares about that). I’ve been writing for a while now and I really should just post the link already so here’s the playlist that I’ve been working on for what feels so long now. Thank you for reading, thank you for watching, and a BIG thank you to Wayforward for creating such inspirational games, you’ve made so much of us smile over so many wonderful games.

    tl;dr Shantae is awesome so I did a let’s play marathon of Risky’s revenge, Pirate’s curse 100% and Half-Genie Hero 100%

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