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    Hi everybody!

    I have a really great thing for you all. Your ears will wiggle. In literally! Have you ever heard of the latest Shantae Remix BurningLabyrinths? Well! A man called Sam Dillard. Music Composer | 3D Animator | Game Designer | Martial Artist | Screen Writer | Geeky Texan. Made this soundtrack! It happened about Kickstarter when I supported Sams Project Chrono Cinematica. My Backer reward was a Shantae Remix! Sam made a huge effort to make this Shantae soundtrack for me. And soon your can listen this remix too! BurningLabyrinths! In a few weeks it will Ret-2-Go! Then everyone in the world can buy it. Have fun listening!

    PS: The track is a coming soon. I have spoken to Sam directly. He told me the music is still in the process of licensing. Here are important links to Sam Dillard, Kickstarter / Chrono Cinematica and Shantae Remix BurningLabyrinths.






    A little update

    WOW! It went faster than I thought! The Shantae soundtrack is here! I hope you’re will like it!

    It is on iTunes and Google Play so far.

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