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    Perhaps you guys can try some of the older Mighty games on Vita. Its not HD since it’s upscaled from PSP resolution but on the Vita 2D PSP games can get a huge boost to the point they can be indistinguishable from 2D Vita games. If you have/get a Vita model 1 vita the colors pop out of the screen and looks really nice. I haven’t tried the Mighty games specifically yet but I’ve gotten amazing results from other titles including Ys games.



    Quite pleasant (if hardly surprising!) to spot you here, Tekkers. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? ^^ Still waiting for Pirate’s Curse to be released—and I’m fairly confident I’m not alone in this. 😀 Also, I still need to catch up on other WF games; any particular suggestion for a newcomer like me? 🙂



    Regarding FiMvisible’s question for suggestible games, I’d roll with Contra 4 if you are already into that series and don’t mind the death from bullets between the screens that happens because you can’t see it coming. Ducktales Remastered is pretty well… Masterful as well. If you want to stick with their original series though, I’d probably actually say give Mighty Flip Champs is actually pretty fun, although I think all the Mighty series games suffer a bit more from not having good replay value. here’s hoping that the next Mighty game will have a level editor Ala’ Pushmo or something.



    Soon I will be going camping, but when I return I shall enjoy playing this game with you all, and the conversations that come of it, quite thoroughly~!



    Thanks for your tips, Clex. ^^ I hope I’ll find some time in the future to look into these games—as long as university lets me do so.



    University obstructs so many. OTL Lo, once you conclude your studies, fly this-a-way to the USA and partake in WayForward gaming interactions with FrosTek, Sir Fim. :3 And slaughter our Poké-teams most thoroughly. XD Or connect via Bravely Default and unleash the ultimate Friendship Attack!! Several possibilities remain. I must say, overall, that this topic barrels ever steadily toward its inevitable conclusion. Don’t suppose we want to add any Greek letters to confound it! =Σ



    Verily, I imagine that this thread is going to take some effort to keep going! regardless, who’s hyped for E3? I’m… sort of? I dunno.



    What do you mean, Tek, that FIM can slaughter our Pokemon teams? Remember, I have the three Lukes~ Bweheheh, although I am not a great battler so perhaps you’re correct. ^^’ I’m excited for E3 to find out what the Shantae news is gonna be! owo



    X-treme! X-treme Tek! Very X-treme! Don’t kill our Pokemon! Gee, that is not an ultimate friendship at all. And I like the E3 show better than last year for sure at least in my own opinion.



    You all seem to be having much fun with this Forum-Game! I have just returned from my Camping Trip and am excited to be chatting with you all and to see what E3 holds for us this year!



    Zealously wrapping up this thread, if you’ll leave me the honor. * bows respectfully *

    That reminds me, Tek, that we haven’t had a Pokémon battle yet! I would be most glad to take up your challenge, if we ever meet in-game (by the way, if you have any preferred hour in the day to be on the 3ds, I’ll try to synchronize my playing schedule as well; I hardly ever play Pokémon these days, but that’s subject to change ^^). About slaughtering your teams… that remains to be seen; the VGC metagame is wild and unsparing, and I most certainly haven’t trained Pokémon to counter every other team. 😀

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