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    So this is a fun little game I picked up on another forum. So basically, the title tells it all.

    Poster 1: Are we talking about Nintendo

    Poster 2: But I thought the topic was music

    Poster 3: can’t we just talk about indie games for a bit?

    And so on. When we reach z, start back at a

    _ _ – – _ _ – – _ _ – –

    And were off! Let’s talk about Shantea!



    Best original WayForward series, that’s for sure.



    Coincidentally, I really enjoy the Mighty series as well.



    Don’t think either series is appreciated nearly as much as it should though. Honestly, not only do I love the gameplay styles of both series, but the characters and story are just fascinating as well. If there were a larger fanbase, I could totally see Shantae getting an animated series.



    Everyone should play Shantae :3 Everyone I say! BTW :3 did they ever reach the animated cutscenes tier via paypal pledges?



    Everyone can appreciate a good puzzle, whether it be from Shantae or the Mighty Games. Just don’t let Time Bomb Mighty Milky Way get under your skin, cuz that’s just about a 99% chance of your DS headin out the Window!



    Gee, I didn’t know there wasn’t an edit function on posts. That might make it more difficult to keep alphabetical…



    Huh… You know, I would just LOVE to see a traditionally animated Shantae series, on the same level as Nickelodeon’s Avatar. Wouldn’t that be awesome?



    If WayForward ever had the resources and talent available to do that, I know the fans would eat it up like crazy. I know for a fact I would love to try to get hired on as a script writer. It would be a dream come true to write for a Shantae animated series, ESPECIALLY if they decided to go in a creative direction similar to Avatar. (BTW, that show is still my all-time favorite TV series of all time.)



    Just leaving a quick reply here, as my first post on this neatly newborn forum. :p



    Kind of sad that Shantae didn’t reach all of it’s stretch goals. Could of had some of that animation go towards their WiiU title.



    Luckily for me, I spotted FiMvisible two posts prior and would like to extend greetings to my venerable pal henceforth. :3 Back on the topic of WayForward, though, what would ya most like to see from ’em moving forward? Another sequel to Shantae / Mighty! / Sigma Star? A licensed title for a series they haven’t yet explored? A reboot of a classic IP? An all-new original IP? Cat Girl Without Salad, even?! O.O



    Mighty Flip Chimps? Oh, Champs! …I read that wrong a few times when I first saw it a while back



    Not to take control over this thread (this is what, my third post already?) but I’d personally love to see an HD remastering of the first two Mighty games. And I think another new IP would be amazing. (Not to mention my very high want for an animated Shantae series.)



    Oh gosh, you haven’t hijacked this thread in the slightest! XD An animated Shantae series does sound enticing, I readily admit. owo HD Mighty games are high on my own wishlist, yes: agreed, Writers. Also, I’m game for Cat Girl Without Salad to become a real thing. At the moment, though, I’m just eager to RR to release on Steam and Shantae 3 to grace our 3DS libraries.

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