Lock and load! Take advantage of this awesome arsenal as you battle the Spidersaur menace!

In Spidersaurs, genetically bred dinosaur-spider hybrids have gone out of control, and they’ve gotta be stopped in the only way that makes sense: with incredible firepower! Taking cues from classics like Contra and Gunstar Heroes, Spidersaurs is an explosive 2D run-‘n’-gun action game that lets you wield all manner of weaponry against your scaly, web-spinning foes. With Adrian making use of weaponized sports equipment and Victoria unleashing sonic fury from her guitar (they gotta work with what they’ve got, OK!?), each character utilizes unique tools of destruction as they fight to protect humanity (as well as InGest Corp’s profit margins). Both characters can hold two weapons at once, and if you collect a weapon you’re already carrying, it’ll get even stronger! If you take advantage of the six different weapon types listed below and switch ’em up based on the situation, the Spidersaur threat is as good as extinct!

Spray Shot: Metal Spread & Rebound Breaker

You can’t have a run-‘n’-gun without a spread shot, right!? This tried-and-true classic fires several projectiles at once, with Victoria’s Metal Spread being a more traditional shot that fans out in multiple directions, and Adrian’s billiards-based Rebound Breaker firing off a large projectile that splinters upon impact and then ricochets off the walls – very useful in hallways and other enclosed areas! Power up these weapons and they’ll release even more projectiles!

Dev notes from director Tomm Hulett: “From the beginning we wanted both characters to have unique arsenals, so there’s a reason to try them both and find who works best for you. We made a big list of weapons that would be expected in a run-‘n’-gun, and then new weapons. For the spray weapons, it’s an instance where Victoria has the traditional, expected gun, and Adrian’s is a new twist on the concept that you need to learn to get maximum damage out of it.”

Wicked Piercing: Laser Show & Flame Thrower

The wicked piercing weapons are all-around solid choices. They’re fast, deal solid damage, and can hit enemies through walls and other obstacles. Victoria’s Laser Show is excellent for taking out enemies at any distance, especially when powered up to shoot in a wave pattern, while Adrian’s Flame Thrower is trickier to use due to its limited range, but it offers extremely high damage per second. When powered up, the Flame Thrower’s bigger blast takes the Spidersaurs from roasted to extra crispy.

Dev notes from director Tomm Hulett: “In contrast to the Spray Shot, where we have a ‘traditional/new twist’ dichotomy, both of our piercing weapons are staples of the genre. Victoria gets the longer range (useful if enemies are lined up), while Adrian’s is better up close where enemies are in a clump. This is a situation where we hope players decide on a ‘role’ when playing with buddies, and strategize based on their character’s strengths and weaknesses.”

Area of Effect (AOE): Electronica Chain & Football Rocket

What these weapons lack in rapid-fire capabilities they make up for with power and a big damage radius! Adrian’s Football Rocket is a hard-hitting projectile that explodes on impact, and it becomes even more useful when it’s powered up, which causes shrapnel to fire out of each burst in an X pattern. The Electronica Chain, on the other hand, fires a static electricity blast that zaps one enemy, then connects to and damages other nearby foes! It’ll chain to more enemies over a wider area when powered up.

Dev notes from director Tomm Hulett: “Electronica Chain is an idea I had back when working on Contra 4. I kept it in my back pocket, wondering if it would be satisfying to use or if it would be too broken. I’m really happy with how it turned out in Spidersaurs — it’s my favorite weapon!”

Grenade: Funky Force Blast & Tennis Grenade

Grenade-class weapons are handy for hitting hard-to-reach enemies. Adrian’s version, the Tennis Grenade, bounces along the ground multiple times before exploding, and the shots become faster and bigger when powered up. Rather than a typical grenade, Victoria’s Funky Force Blast shoots a projectile at a low arc that then races along the floor, wall, or ceiling, eliminating anything in its path! When powered up, the range and rate of fire increase.

Dev notes from director Tomm Hulett: “Here are two weapons that are seen less in run-‘n’-guns, but they might be expected in platforming titles with robots who borrow weapons from one another. It’s fun to see how they fare crossing genres a bit. In our initial release these were actually a bit underpowered, but they’ve been tweaked and upgraded in the console/PC version, and are valuable parts of the arsenal!”

Shield: Alternative Rock & Tether Spin

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense, or something like that! Though shields take up a weapon slot, they function passively while you use whatever other weapon you have on hand. Victoria’s Alternative Rock surrounds her to defend against low-impact projectiles and enemies, while Adrian’s comparatively more durable Tether Spin circles around him and inflicts damage on anything that gets too close. Shields will temporarily deactivate after absorbing a few hits before regenerating.

Dev notes from director Tomm Hulett: “One thing I wanted to provide in Spidersaurs was an option, outside of the difficulty setting, to allow less-skilled players to experience the game without watering it down. Having a shield creates a new risk and reward — it does take up a weapon slot, leaving you with fewer offensive options, but you get a very useful shield that makes a big difference in a flurry of bullets. Hopefully the shield helps players see the full game and grow in confidence, ultimately finding they no longer need it.”

Peashooter: Pop Shooter & Pingpong Shooter

Last but not least — well, MAAAYBE least — are the default weapons that Victoria and Adrian start with, the Pop Shooter and the Pingpong Shooter. These straightforward weapons don’t have any special attributes, but they do have high rates of fire, and if you collect a second Peashooter icon to power them up, they can be very effective, so don’t count them out! If you lose a life, the previously equipped weapon will revert to the peashooter.

Dev notes from director Tomm Hulett: “It may not be glamorous, but all the weapons start here, with the default gun! Actually, late in development we decided to increase the rate of fire significantly. Changing the base gun meant we had to also tweak every other special weapon, and some enemy HP as well! But that is the fun of game development, and it’s interesting seeing how the ripples from decisions like this improve other aspects of the game.”

Spidersaurs in available now digitally on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox, and PC via Steam, and is available to preorder physically on Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 in both standard and collector’s editions until Feb. 5, 2023.