Greetings and salutations Shantaerians and Tinkerbackers!

Say Hello to SlimeGal!

While for most of you it’s been a while since our last update (sorry about that), a smaller group of Backers has been working with the dev team intensely on backer-created content for several weeks now. Today we’d like to reveal the first of our Backer-Designed enemies, the SlimeGal!



The SlimeGal was designed by backer A.J., with his idea being a slime-based enemy capable of changing shape. She’s not overly malicious, just a creature looking for her next meal. A.J.walked us through several design iterations, with him writing additional thoughts, moves, and adjusting to the game’s needs. We worked on dozens of possible designs and color schemes, with A.J. directing us towards the version you see here. We couldn’t be happier with the results, and feel that she fits wonderfully into the existing universe.

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