Greetings and salutations to all of our backers!

We’re here with another update after several weeks of heads-down time as we prepare for E3 and beyond. We’ve got some big challenges ahead, and you’ve got a front row seat to witness the vigorous process of bringing all of the separate pieces together. At this point in development, we’ve made a TON of content. It’s time to connect the dots and start filling in the gaps!


Meet the Worm Boss!

First, let’s look at something new: the Sand Worm Boss! This guy dominates the “Fire and Forget” chapter of the game, which you may recall as being one of our stretch goals. This persistent enemy will be making multiple appearances throughout the level. We don’t want to flat out spoil it, so we’ll just let you enjoy the concepts for now. This is our first attempt in Half-Genie Hero to make a rotating action scene, where the camera orbits the battle rather than being a direct side-view stage. With this boss appearing roughly halfway through the adventure, it will be a great way to break up the visuals.

Update #70. Sand Worms and Backer Builds Here!