Patch notes, get yer patch notes!

The River City Girls 2 performance patch is now live! Thank you, everyone, for your patience. This update includes over 100 changes and adjustments of various types, and while most of them were things like “an apostrophe was missing here” or “enemies can clip through an object in this room,” here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the key changes that players should be aware of.

Frame Rate/Performance:
The animation rate and camera movement have been updated for smoother gameplay on all platforms, effectively displaying at 60 FPS on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox, and Steam. Improvements should also be seen on Switch. Performance has been further improved in problematic areas across all platforms, such as Ocean Heights Beach Plaza and the School Auditorium.

New Game+:
New Game+ can be replayed again after defeating the final boss in New Game+ mode.

Bug Fixes:
• Provie can now perform air specials and air grabs from aerial light combos.
• Riki’s Guard Break now always dizzies enemies.
• Human Weapon can no longer be used to remove enemies from screenlock battles.
• Player stats now show a full bar when maximized.
• Fixed an issue that could cause the game to freeze if you defeat an enemy while equipped with both Gamer Guide and Bomb Bottom.
• Coach’s Hat now increases the damage dealt by all recruits.
• Fixed issues causing players and enemies to occasionally go out of bounds.
• Updated some Honkr mission tracking for better accuracy
• Fixed an issue causing players to sometimes miss Honks and Quest rewards while transitioning through doors in multiplayer mode.
• The confirm button when hiring Henchmen is now consistent.
• An exploit that allowed players to avoid dying and return with full health has been fixed.
• Game credits have been updated for content and scrolling speed has been updated for better readability.
• Updated text in some of the Japanese motion-comic cutscenes.
• Fixed various issued caused by disconnecting controllers at certain times.
• Fixed various graphical issues causing shadows or other elements to not display properly.
• Various typos have been fixed across all languages.
• Various other minor bug fixes.