Only a few days remain to get the physical version from Limited Run Games

Double Dragon Neon brawled onto the Nintendo Switch eShop late last year courtesy of publisher Majesco, and now, by popular demand, the game is available as a physical release via open preorder from Limited Run Games — but only until June 27! If you haven’t added this one to your collection yet, here are nine reasons why you should correct that while you can.

9. A Work of Art

The cover art for Double Dragon Neon is drawn by renowned comic-book artist Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias, aka Genzoman! The heroes and villains of Double Dragon have never looked better! 

8. The Double Dragon Legacy

Since its arcade debut in 1987, the Double Dragon series has been one of the standard-bearers in the beat-’em-up genre. It took the arcade world by storm, offering gritty street combat in which the Double Dragons, Billy and Jimmy Lee, set forth to rescue Billy’s girlfriend, Marian, from an evil gang. The game spawned numerous sequels and home adaptations, and its success led to a cartoon, a toy line, comic books, and even a live-action movie! Though the Lee twins faded from the spotlight for a while, they returned in 2012 with the PS3 and Xbox 360 launch of Double Dragon Neon, which offered its own distinct take on the Double Dragon mythos.

7. Martial Arts Mayhem

Double Dragon has always been about bone-busting, jaw-jacking beat-’em-up action, giving players a variety of punches, kicks, throws, and special moves with which to fight their way through screens full of enemy goons. In Neon, the Lees can also utilize running slides and tackles, grab two enemies at once and slam ‘em together, deliver devastating blows to downed enemies, and more. Defense is important too – you can roll out of harm’s way or duck to avoid attacks; time it right and you can temporarily power up! You can even punish enemies with weapons like bats, whips, knives, boomerangs, and more.

6. A Brodacious Sense of Humor

At a glance, Double Dragon Neon may seem like a trip through familiar territory, but it quickly becomes clear this is not the same old Double Dragon. From the colors to character designs to the lingo, Double Dragon Neon is drenched in goofy ‘80s influence, and the further you progress, the more radical the situations get! The bros find themselves traveling to outer space, going man-versus-machine against the world’s most improbable giant tank, battling a plant monster that’s been cross-bred with a shark and a T-Rex, and even crossing paths with the infamous Bimmy. Perhaps most entertaining of all is the villain, Skullmageddon, who – despite his intimidating appearance – frequently chimes in with commentary on the bros’ progress against his evil scheme.

5. Marvelous Mix Tapes

Throughout Double Dragon Neon, you can acquire 20 types of mix tape cassettes from fallen enemies and at shops. The 10 “Sosetsitsu” mix tapes let you equip and use special attacks – including a spin kick, a fireball, a flying kneedrop, a shocking lightning strike, and the screen-filling Dragon Swarm – while the 10 “Stance” tapes provide passive enhancements in various ways, such as boosting defense or offense, increasing weapon power, or allowing you to absorb health as you attack enemies. You can equip only one Sosetsitsu ability and one Stance at a time, but with 100 combinations, you can customize your bro to suit your play style – and the more of each tape you acquire, the more powerful they become! Of course, since they’re mix tapes, each one also has a catchy accompanying tune that you can jam to while you pound your enemies into the dirt.

4. Bro-op Mode

It’s called Double Dragon – not Single Dragon or Triple Dragon – because the game is designed with two-player local co-op in mind! Naturally, having a second player doubles your offense (in addition to your dragons), and if you get KO’d, your bro can revive you to bring you back into the fight. You can also take advantage of the game’s “high five” mechanic to split health with your bro, activate “gleam” (a temporary attack boost), or, if you’re feeling sneaky, psyche your bro out. Remember, two heads are better than one, and four fists are better than two!

3. An Epic Soundtrack

The Double Dragon series has had amazing music since the very beginning, but Double Dragon Neon takes it to a new level. In addition to epic remixes of many adrenaline-pumping classic tunes that originated in Double Dragon and Double Dragon II: The Revenge, Double Dragon Neon features an array of incredibly catchy new songs from composer Jake Kaufman, tapping into the ‘80s influence with captivating synth sounds and intense vocals. And who can forget the mind-blowing ending theme?!

2. Something for the Collectors

If you’re a hardcore Double Dragon fan, you won’t want to pass up the Double Dragon Neon Collector’s Edition, which is loaded with awesome goodies that you can’t get anywhere else. The package includes the physical Switch game with retro dust sleeve, Billy and Jimmy figurines, an authentic (albeit empty) Dragon Kick Soda can (inspired by the power-up in the game), a commemorative metal coin (featuring the Double Dragon icon on one side and Skullmageddon’s logo on the other), a double-sided poster, art cards of the main characters, a mini-CD soundtrack in a retro NES cartridge case (complete with box), a functional mixtape cassette soundtrack, and a genuine cassette rewinder (aka a pencil), all in a collector’s box.

1. First-Time Physical

This physical edition from Limited Run Games is the first (and only!) time that Double Dragon Neon has been offered in physical form, on any platform. Preorders close at 11:59pm Eastern/8:59pm Pacific on June 27, so if you’re interested in physically owning this cult-classic entry in a legendary franchise, don’t miss your chance!

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