Highly anticipated beat-’em-up sequel makes playable debut at PAX West accompanied by a new trailer!

The stakes are higher, the streets are meaner, and the foes are fiercer in River City Girls 2! We are excited to reveal new details about this highly anticipated beat-’em-up sequel, which is planned to arrive on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC later this year. As shown in a newly released trailer (which you can see here), RCG2 will include four-player cooperative action as well as the return of the River City series’ most notorious villain, Sabu! That’s on top of previously announced features like six playable characters, online gameplay, a robust combat system, character-specific voiceovers, a massive nonlinear game world, and RPG-like character growth.

In River City Girls 2, crime lord Sabu breaks out of prison to (SPOILER ALERT!) avenge his daughter Sabuko’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Misako and Kyoko in the first River City Girls. He immediately seizes control of River City and makes life miserable for the heroines, kicking them out of school and turning the town into a lawless battlezone. Sabu’s efforts to restore his family name are aided by his snarky adopted son Ken (previously seen in River City Girls Zero) and an army of underworld hoodlums led by tech expert Tsuiko, strength-enhancing chef Primo, and magic-wielding witch Blaire. Sabu’s dominance is all but assured — will Misako, Kyoko, and their allies be able to fight back? More importantly, will they be able to travel across town to buy the latest hit video game??

Fortunately, you’ll have numerous ways to even the odds, not the least of which is the game’s newly revealed four-player co-op mode. That’s right, four players! With you and up to three friends taking control of Misako, Kyoko, Kunio, Riki, Provie, and Marian for maximum combo-filled carnage, the action has never been wilder or more intense! Other ways for you to turn the tide in your favor include new weapons (such as a saxophone, molotov cocktails, and even a sofa) and new elemental attacks that inflict extra hurt on foes. Many new accessories and food items can be obtained from more than 40 shops to power-up characters as well.

The exact release date for River City Girls 2 in North America and Europe has yet to be announced, but players attending the PAX West event in Seattle, WA, between September 2 and September 5, 2022, will be able to go hands-on with the knuckle-busting action early at the Limited Run Games booth (#303). If you want to purchase a physical edition of River City Girls 2, you won’t have long to wait either; open preorders for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox versions of the game will begin soon on LimitedRunGames.com, including standard and collector’s editions, as well as a variety of merchandise. You can also look forward to River City Girls Zero, the 16-bit game that inspired River City Girls 1 and 2, arriving digitally on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox on September 13, and on Steam on September 22!

For more information on River City Girls 2, follow @WayForward on Twitter and Facebook, and stay tuned for future updates here on www.wayforward.com!

Key Features:
•Six playable characters, each with their own fighting styles and upgradable move sets!
•Enhanced combat: guard crushes, lift-off combos, and more!
•River City is bigger than ever! New locations with multiple routes and secret areas!
•Play solo or team up with a friend, locally or online
•New hired henchmen aid players in battle! Hold two recruits at once!
•Loads of NPCs to meet, interact with, and punch in the face – including surprise cameos!
•Awesome anime intro, comic book cutscenes, English and Japanese voiceovers, and a spectacular soundtrack featuring RCG1 composer Megan McDuffee!

Name: River City Girls 2
Publisher/Developer: WayForward
Release Date: Q4 2022
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC
Players: 1-4
Price: $39.99
ESRB Rating: E10+