Switch around stages and blast bad guys to recapture the Hooligan Sisters!

Key Features:
-Run and gun action meets brain teasing navigation
-Never before seen three-dimensional puzzles
-Bring the background to you -- smash foes against the screen

Overcome intense Hyper Drive Mode challenges and enjoy spectacular HD graphics!

Key Features:
-NEW! Hyper versions of all 21 stages -- not for the faint of heart!
-The third game in WayForward's "Mighty Series", now in glorious 1080p

Enlist in the Galatic Fire Brigade to battle blazes and rescue innocents!

Key Features:
-The sequel to the universally acclaimed Mighty Switch Force!
-Grab you new weapon, a super-powered fire hose, and embark on a treacherous search-and-rescue mission!
-Familiar friends and foes return, along with exciting new ones!
-Puzzles and brain-bending action return!

Enjoy sprawling widescreen levels in co-op and versus with up to four players!

Key Features:
-Take on 20 all-new deviously designed stages!
-Play alone, or with friends in 1-4 player co-op "couch play"!
-Bonus Courses: 5 Classic Stages for up to 4 players!
-4 Player Versus: Duke it out in competitive arenas!