Get the red-hot details on this furious, fire-breathing force of destruction

When co-op kaiju beat-’em-up Dawn of the Monsters launches next month, players will be able to take command of four awesome titans: Aegis Prime, a gigantic superhero; Tempest Galahad, the massive mecha; Ganira, the colossal crustacean; and last but certainly not least, Megadon, the fire-breathing lizard. All four playable characters have their own unique fighting styles and abilities, and their own benefits when brought into battle, but Megadon is arguably the headliner, with the most classic kaiju design. Read on to find out what “The Living Volcano” brings to the fight (and follow these links to learn more about Ganira, Tempest Galahad, and Aegis Prime). The game will be out on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Stadia, and PC this March!


Megadon is the flagship kaiju of Dawn of the Monsters, offering a great balance of melee, range, defense, and offense.

When the Nephilim invasion began in 2036, Megadon was the first one to appear. Bursting from his volcanic lair, he showcased exceptional power and skill in defeating other Nephilim. He has magma coursing through his veins, allowing him to superheat his body, create volcanic explosions, and breathe fire. Some time after the second Nephilim wave in 2046, Megadon was captured and tamed and now works as an agent of DAWN (Defense Alliance Worldwide Network), protecting the planet from future Nephilim attacks.


Megadon’s attacks are extremely heavy-hitting, and what he lacks in speed he makes up for in power and flexibility. His heavy attack is an uppercut launcher, which he can follow up with another heavy attack, a Rage attack, or a dodge to move into a new combo.

When you unlock Megadon’s heavy hold attack, holding the X button allows you to perform a devastating explosive punch that sends enemies flying across the screen. Once they hit a building or wall, they “bounce” and are open to further attacks. This is a key move in juggling enemies and killing them before they can touch the ground and regroup. Megadon’s second heavy hold attack is a headbutt that bounces enemies off the ground, serving them up for further juggles and combos!

Megadon’s dash attack is a charging headbutt, great for quickly moving out of the way or chasing juggled opponents. If it connects with an airborne opponent, you can follow up with heat breath for a combo opportunity.

Rage Attacks:

Heat Breath (cost: 2 Rage): Heat Breath sends a spray of fire from Megadon’s mouth, hitting an opponent multiple times. It deals high damage, can juggle enemies, and inflicts them with the Burn ailment, causing them to continue to take damage over time after the move is done!

Magma Eruption (cost: 2 Rage): Megadon leaps into the air and slams his fists into the ground, unleashing a volcanic explosion that sends enemies flying away from him. This is great for getting a group of enemies off your tail. It also is a great move to combo directly into Heat Breath!

Flex (cost: 1 Rage): Megadon tenses up and increases his body temperature, causing him to glow and increase his damage. Megadon’s damage will stay buffed for a few seconds and then he will return to normal. You can stack his effect up to three times, increasing your damage to a maximum of 52%. However, if you get hit while performing the move, you will immediately get a maximum attack buff, allowing you to quickly and efficiently reach your maximum damage potential! This is known as the “Flex Parry.”

Cataclysm Attack:

Megadon’s Cataclysm Attack is “Volcanic Ignition,” during which he punches the ground and summons a massive fire tornado that draws enemies towards him and then throws them into the air, shredding them with ribbons of superhot flame. An extremely potent damage dealer, especially when dealing with large groups of enemies.


Megadon is a great monster to use if you’re just starting out, and once you equip him with some DNA Augments he can become a real powerhouse. Some great Augments for Megadon are:

My Turn (Parrying doubles attack speed of Heavy Hold 1 for 2 seconds)
This is great for Megadon, as you can parry and immediately counter with his Heavy Hold 1 – one of the most powerful single attacks in the game.

KaijuJitsu (Landing a Heavy Attack increases the damage of Rage Attacks for 3 seconds)
Megadon’s heavy attacks are great combo starters and moves like Heavy 1 and Heavy Hold 2 are great to combo into Rage Attacks like Heat Breath. This amps up the power of those moves considerably.

Hit Me! (Taking hits grants half a bar of rage)
A lot of Megadon’s attacks have armor (i.e. you don’t get stunned while you are performing them) and his Flex Parry technique involves getting hit, so this augment gives you a lot of free Rage for playing aggressively!