Discover the natural wonders — and dangers! — of LUNARK’s alien forest

The world of sci-fi cinematic platformer LUNARK is filled with diverse environments, from high-tech and industrial to natural and organic. The lush forest area of planet Albaryne, where massive trees extend far into the sky, is definitely one of the latter. Leo, the game’s protagonist, finds himself in the forest quite unexpectedly; he’s only there because his ship malfunctioned, and if it hadn’t been for some fortuitously located vines that ensnared the craft, the landing would have been much, much worse.


The bad news is that the ship is busted. The good news is that it doesn’t take long before Leo encounters a mechanic who’s willing to help with repairs. However, there’s a catch. The mechanic — who just happens to be named Mekanic — is part of a small group of humble syrup farmers who reside in the forest, and the group’s boss insists that you help them with their syrup-collection efforts before Mekanic can work her magic.

Obtaining that syrup means methodically exploring the forest from one end to the other — climbing across branches and leaping from limb to limb as you navigate the treetops — while seeking out previously placed syrup-harvesting devices. Some of the trees are even big enough that they’ve had staircases carved into them! Exploration is a lesson in looking before leaping, as there are many opportunities in the forest for fatally long falls.

In addition to navigating through the labyrinthine network of trees, you’ll also have to deal with hazardous flora and fauna. The forest’s main inhabitants are insect-like Nectaronauts, which tend to mindlessly buzz around tree trunks looking for their next hit of sweet, syrupy goodness; though not especially aggressive, their fixation leads them to collide with anything in their way, and their evasive flying makes them slightly tricky to hit. More problematic are the colorful pollen pods that frequently sprout and drop from the trees, which drift in erratic patterns that make them tough to avoid.

Worst of all, however, are the purple, beastly Drorilla droids; that’s right — robot gorillas! Nobody knows where they came from or why they’re patrolling the forest, but the Drorillas are extremely dangerous. If their lasers don’t get you, their pounce attacks probably will, and they’re nearly invulnerable on top of that. If you encounter one, you’re much better off avoiding it than fighting!

If you manage to survive the forest’s hazards and retrieve three gallons of syrup, you’ll be one step closer to continuing your journey and unraveling the mysteries of LUNARK, but there seems to be more going on than initially meets the eye. Just who are these humble syrup farmers, anyway…? We’ll leave you to discover that on your own.

If you want to know more about the world of LUNARK, check out these previous posts about the city, the underground areas, and the flying penitentiary — or better yet, play the game yourself! LUNARK is out now digitally on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC via Steam, and arrives very soon on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, plus it’s available for physical preorder until April 23.