Code Status!

Howdy Backers! This week is all about getting your Backer Codes to you! We already sent the bulk of them out on Friday to get the ball rolling and it looks like most of you have received them. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to locate that email, click the link, and get your Backer Code!

The following codes have been sent out:

  • Xbox One (Global)
  • Steam for Windows PC (Global)
  • Sony PS4 North America and EU
  • Sony PsVita North America and EU

Also note that any codes that were time-stamped are now active!

Wii U Codes

Wii U codes for both North America and EU have not arrived yet. We will send them to you the moment they arrive! We expect them sometime this week.

HELP! I Can’t Find My Code!

If you have not received your code, or can’t find it, we’re here to help! Here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Search you Email

  • Search your email and spam folder for an email from Backerkit.
  • Make sure you’re searching the email account you used to back the project!
  • If you have multiple email accounts, please check them. Your code might be waiting for you!

Step 2: Contact Support

  • Do not contact WayForward via social media. Twitter, Facebook, or WayForums do not show your full name or email address. So while we can note your concern, we can’t act on it.Instead…
  • Write a support email with the subject line !!!NEEDCODE!!! We’ll sort our inbox using this subject line in order to give our Backers priority treatment.
  • In the email, tell us your full name, as well as the email address you backed with. We’ll need both of these pieces of information to look up your profile.
  • Send the email to

Step 3: Help us!

  • Finally, please be patient! Most Backers have already received their codes without difficulty, and those of you who are still waiting are are in our queue.
  • Please do your part to help us keep the support lines clear! Emails are being dealt with in the order we’ve received them. Contacting us repeatedly will slow down the process for everyone! Thanks!

    Thanks, everyone, for your patience while we distribute codes!