Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse

  • Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse
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Release Date
Action / Platformer / Puzzle
3DS, Fire TV, PS4, Steam, Switch, Wii U, Xbox One
Teen Fantasy Violence
Suggestive Themes

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Switch NA & Switch EU
Wii U NA & Wii U EU
Xbox One
Humble Bundle

Set sail with Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse!


Embark on a brand new adventure with Shantae, the hair-whipping belly dancing genie! When Shantae loses her genie magic, she must join her nemesis, the nefarious pirate Risky Boots in order to save Sequin Land from an evil curse. As a pirate, Shantae gains new weapons and tools to advance her quest, slay monsters, battle epic bosses …and hopefully get her magic back in the bargain! But can she really trust her most deadly enemy?

Key Features:

  • Travel beyond Sequin Land to cursed islands
  • Solve labyrinths and topple bosses to gain Pirate Gear abilities: Flintlock Pistol, Pirate Hat, Scimitar, Risky’s Boots, and even a Cannon!
  • Upgrade Shantae’s hair, weapons, and fighting moves
  • Locate maps, return lost Heart Squids, and collect powerful loot!
  • Unlockable Pirate-Mode and multiple endings
  • Humorous cast of characters and an unforgettable soundtrack!


Platform-Specific Features:

  • Nintendo Switch version includes:
    • HD Rumble
    • “Super Shantae Nab!!” Mini Game
  • Nintendo 3DS digital version includes:
    • Stereoscopic 3D
  • Nintendo 3DS retail versions (NA and EU) includes:
    • Stereoscopic 3D
    • “Super Shantae Nab!!” Mini Game
  • PS4, Xbox One, and Steam versions include:
    • Achievements/Trophies



9.0 “…a must-play” -Nintendo World Report

9.0 “one of the most satisfying games I’ve played all year” – Hardcore Gamer

9.0, Gold Award “satisfying in every regard…guaranteed to please” -Pocket Gamer UK

9.5 “the pinnacle of the series” Wii Brasil

9.0 “an exceptionally well-crafted game that should not be ignored” -Nintendo Life

8.5 “stands above its retro-inspired contemporaries” –IGN


World Ratings

PEGI (Europe): 12 (Violence, Sex)
USK (Germany): 6
COB/OFLC (Australia/NZ): G (Very Mild Violence)
RAR (Russia): 6




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