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Release Date
GamePump (On Steam) / WayForward
Horror / Puzzle
Android, iPhone, Steam

Take control of mopey teenager Jake as he delves into a living nightmare in search of his girlfriend Rachael. Use the available light sources to carve a path through the darkness – but watch your step! One wrong move could mean disaster!

On Android and iOS

The original, which debuted as a WiiWare download title in 2009, now returns completely reimagined in 2D for iOS and Android compatible devices.

•  16 completely original puzzle rooms
•  Par challenges for speed and efficiency
•  Use matches, light bulbs, TVs, and more!

On Steam

  • Unlockable Rachael (play as Jake’s girlfriend!)
  • Keyboard + Controller support
  • Ad Free!

Can you survive the HORROR and see the light of day?!

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