Closing the Store and Locking the Scope!


Hey there Tinkerbackers!

The holidays are upon us, and we’re all looking forward to spending quality time relaxing with friends and family.  BUT NOT TODAY!!  We’ve still got a mountain of work ahead of us in December, with loose ends to tie up and new tasks to kick off. Read on… this one’s really important!

LAST CALL! It’s time to close PAYPAL!

The PayPal store and Stretch Goals will lock down at 11:59pm PST on 12/16/2014.  That leaves two more weeks for you to increase your pledges, if you like.




If you’re considering backing the game for the first time, this is the LAST CALL for Backer Exclusive content:

  • Blue Suit Shantae
  • Classic Colors Risky Boots
  • Tinkerbat Dance
  • Risky’s Hyperlight Drifter Blade 

Update Backer Only


On December 16, Stretch Goals will be locked which will establish the final scope of the game.  This is critical for us in planning the rest of our development.  THANK YOU for making this game a reality with your generosity!



Based on current totals, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero has been funded to 230%!!  From the bottom of our hearts, THANKS for making this happen, for your patience, and for inspiring us every single day!


As soon as the funding period closes, we’re going to put some of our backers to work!  We’ve got some “Your Face in Game” backers to bring to life as NPCs“Enemy Designers” that need to craft some deadly denizens of Sequin Land, and our “Your Art in Game” backers need to populate the Museum.  On top of that we have more VOTING on the way!  Gallery Artists, you’re going to be up first, so get psyched!

Face in Game

Last, more updates more often!  We’re always listening to your feedback, and many Backers are requesting more news, more frequently.  So at the risk of flooding your inboxes you’ll be seeing more Backer Updates to keep you in the loop starting RIGHT NOW!  Please tell us to settle down if we go overboard!