Part sword-swinging adventure, part multiplayer party game – a total of 10 modes and minigames are now available!

oll into battle and multiplayer fun! We are pleased to announce that the fourth and final post-launch update to Marble Knights, the sword-swinging fantasy game for up to four players, is now available exclusively on Apple Arcade. Offered at no extra cost to all Apple Arcade subscribers, this update adds two new multiplayer minigames — Hockey and Snowball Sumo — bringing the total number of modes and minigames to 10.

With this ultimate “roll-playing” update, Marble Knights is now content complete, with a variety of ways to enjoy the game either solo or with friends. Quest Mode lets one to four players venture forth across eight worlds as Orbin, Marabelle, and the other Knights of the Round as they use their sword skills and elemental orb abilities to fight foes, solve puzzles, and attempt to stop the evil Lord Terroball, while Battle Arena allows two to four combatants to send one another flying over the edge of nine unique battlegrounds in thrilling free-for-all competition.

Eight exciting party-style minigames for up to four players are also available, including:

  • Bowling: Ride the balls and attempt to knock down all 100 pins! Go for the strike! 
  • O.R.B. Jam: Become king of the court in this new spin on 2-on-2 basketball!
  • Race: Speed through six courses while using orb powers to discover shortcuts!
  • Panel Battle: Roll over the Button Panels to change their colors. Capture the most to win!
  • Lazer Orb Arena: Use your Lazer Trail to ensnare your foes, but avoid getting trapped yourself!
  • Bombing Blast: Drop bombs, destroy blocks, and blow away the opposition. The longer you last, the bigger the boom!
  • Snowball Sumo: NEW! Roll to build up your Snowball Orb, then knock your opponents off the mountain!
  • Hockey: NEW! It’s time to hit the ice! Attack the puck and send it flying toward the goal!


Originally launched on Sept. 18, 2020, Marble Knights is equal parts lighthearted fantasy and family-friendly party game. Featuring a stunning animated opening by world-renowned animation house Studio TRIGGER, the game has been described by as “a colorful, easy-to-play co-op adventure that fits perfectly onto Apple Arcade.” For more on Marble Knights, please visit here, or check out the game on the App Store.

Key Features:

  • Quest Mode: An epic journey through eight colorful worlds packed with enemies, obstacles, and boss battles awaits!
  • Battle Arena: Challenge your friends and send them flying over the edge in nine battlegrounds with unique obstacles!
  • Eight party-style minigames: Bowling, O.R.B. Jam, Race, Panel Battle, Lazer Orb Arena, Bombing Blast, Snowball Sumo, and Hockey!
  • Action for up to four players! 
  • Control 10 well-rounded characters, including knights, wizards, a goblin, a robot, and even a kitty cat!
  • Solve puzzles with amazing orb powers – fire, ice, electricity, steel, and more!
  • Awesome anime-style intro by Studio TRIGGER!
  • Only for Apple Arcade!



      Name: Marble Knights
      Publisher/Developer: WayForward
      Release Date: Available Now
      Platform: Apple Arcade
      Players: 1-4
      Price: Included with Apple Arcade subscription